To empower and support communities of color for societal benefit and community wellness.


Be the change you want to see in your community.

Kaliah's Heart plans to empower and support the quality of life for people often left behind: inner-city youth, the homeless and hungry, imprisoned population, senior citizens, and the disabled.

Donating to our organization will bring literacy to communities of color,  resources to domestic violence victims, Education regarding a more clean environment, and providing resources to people of color in search of job services.

There are many ways to be involved virtually. We will be launching a series of campaigns that will need your help. These campaigns will educate the community on important topics such as literacy, the environment, and community wellness.  

Kaliah's Heart wants to touch the heart of the community and be whom the community needs. We have made new connections to develop a new skill set to make the changes possible. 

Beach and Park clean up,  Planting 101, Student Scholarship, Cultural Awareness Events, and Virtual Events to attend that will increase awareness 2021

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P.O. Box #292038 Sacramento CA 95829