Kaliah's Heart Foundation Statement

Beverly Moore was born and raised in Richmond, California. She obtained a BA in Communicative Disorders emphasis Speech Pathology and Special Education from California State University Fresno. After a short stint in the field of education teaching, she worked for the U S Government for 20 years and for the past 25 years she has worked in the field of Mental Health and Rehabilitation Counseling as Clinician and Case Manager.   While in college Beverly was a part of the Peace Corps as a Vista Volunteer a program established by President John Kennedy as an anti-poverty program. “My personal mission is to be a part of the solution and not the problem by being of service to the community and help alleviate poverty through education and motivation.” Beverly Moore is the mother of Officer Kaliah Harper.

“Together we can make a positive change.” -Beverly Moore

Cindy Cole is a mother of two living in Sacramento, California. She grew up in Vallejo, California, and attended UC Santa Barbara where she earned a degree in Sociology and a Masters of Education. After teaching elementary school early in her career, she returned to work later as a Social Coach at the Social Cognitive Learning Center in Davis, California, and is currently a Health Coach for Kaiser. During her time as a teacher, Cindy facilitated SEED – Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity, a program designed to promote personal, organizational, and societal change toward social justice.

“I strongly believe communities prosper through understanding, empathy, and love. Our actions can bring about change.”-Cindy Cole

Kadija Phillips is the CEO of the organization Kaliah's Heart and the author of the K. Angel children's books series. Through entrepreneurship, Kadija has been able to successfully create progressive relationships while being awarded for her broadminded outlook on creating new programs to decrease injustices. Kaliah's Heart  Foundation promotes the mission of "creating solidarity within the community.” Kadija is an advocate for fostering healthy relationships between law enforcement and the community while honoring her sister slain Officer Kaliah Harper.  


“To heal the hurts and distrust starts with changing your thought and your experiences.” -Kadija Phillips

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