The #chooseyou campaign will encourage people in abusive relationships to choose themselves. Choosing healthy relationships and not unhealthy abuse. Helping those in need to find resources. Anyone who would make the commitment to choose themselves would receive a choose you book, resources for ending an abusive relationship, "I know my worth" wristband, and journal.



#getthatjob campaign,  created to address the large employment loss by people of color. While providing resources and tools to improve the retention of high paying jobs. Which will include a questionnaire that will give insight into choosing a career that is right for them.



#recyclethat campaign which will include videos and information about teaching others to recycle. Lists of recycling centers around the nation and the rates for recycling. Earth Day Give-Away that would have participants create a 30 sec- 1-minute video to explain how they have made a change in their community by recycling. The prize will be a 100.00 Visa Gift Card, and reusable bag.  Sign a no littering waiver.



#learnyourhistory campaign that will educate people of color on our history and our present that will shape our future. This campaign will include historical content that is 100-200 word history snippets.


#wereadtoo campaign will encourage literacy through donations of free books and little libraries to communities of color. This would improve access to literacy for children of color as well as encourage them to find books that they enjoy. 




#foodonabudget campaign that will create 10.00/ 20.00/50.00 shopping list for families in need. It will be a list that would be beneficial for those who would benefit from finding out how to sustain their families on a budget. The shopping list will also include recipes. 

There will be more information to follow