• Kadija Phillips

6 Ways to Cope with Anxiety and Depression

  1. Practice Mindfulness. Mindfulness is awareness of self. Your breathing, attitude, emotion and mental health all surround mindfulness. When being mindful you are taking deep breaths, remaining calm, and not allowing distractions disturb your growth.

  2. Seek professional help, at times anxiety and depression can be debilitating and no matter how hard you try there is nothing you could do about it. Entrusting a professional with assisting on your mental health journey is important. There's a possibility you will need to explore medication and extensive counseling.

  3. Get to the root of your anxiety. Why are you feeling anxious? Is there a way to remove what is causing your anxiety?

  4. Eat a well balanced meal. Limiting alcohol, other non natural substances and eating more whole foods can affect your mood. A well balanced meal should include multivitamins and minerals if you are unable to get what you need from the food that you eat.

  5. Take a walk and get some fresh air. Exercise can uplift mood drastically, because of your body getting movement, as well as your mind getting sharper. Have you ever completed an exercise regimen or routine that you felt that you would not be able to complete? Think about how accomplished you felt after, and imagine how you felt like you can do more than you think. Fresh air is a benefit because getting into nature and filling your body with fresh air can instantly change your mood. Observing nature can also bring many benefits, because nature moves on without a watch and also makes changes with out being told and there is so much beauty in things that people had no hand in.

  6. Get you some rest. Rest is essential for your body to function properly, without proper sleep your body will improperly function. Even with one night of improper sleep your body can run different from the day before. Rest is a necessity and when feeling too overwhelmed, make time for rest so you can start fresh the next day.

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