• Kadija Phillips

How Journaling Can Help You Mentally Cope

Journaling is a very positive and self reflecting way of addressing your feelings. There is no shame in how you feel and journaling is a way of highlighting your truth. After writing your journal entry, it is important to take time to reflect. The journaling process is first writing down everything that you feel being honest with yourself. The next step of journaling is to project the feelings you plan to have in the future. The point of the second step is to not settling for where you are now, but become the person you imagine yourself to be, that's the ultimate goal. If you only write down the feelings you are currently having, you won't allow yourself time to manifest the complete version of you, the version you plan to be.

Try out this journaling activity and let us know how you feel after. Journaling is a process that requires you to be honest with yourself and be willing to internally do the work to become who you see yourself as in the future.

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